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3 Count: Apple Spots

Apple proposes simplified songwriter royalty rate, Fugees co-founder sues Showtime over misuse of his film and Nintendo clamps down on Pokemon Go piracy.

3 Count: Downward Trend

UK study shows streaming up and piracy down, Apple patent may disable cameras in movie theaters and game returns to Steam after fixing copyright issues.

3 Count: Cloned Apples

World's cheapest phone is the subject of a copyright controversy, 4Shared removed from South Korea block list and Crying Michael Jordan meme is safe.

3 Count: Baby Blues

Artist sues to prevent mural from being destroyed, Apple raises iPhone and iPad prices after German levies and The Bluebook sparks a war of words.

Apps: The Future of Copyright Infringement

A recent story highlighted the danger of copyright infringement in app stores. However, it's a problem we're only seeing the beginnings of.

3 Count: Shark Bait

Kim Dotcom begins defense in extradition hearing, Elsevier wins injunction against 3 pirate sites and Steve Jobs movie sparks photographer lawsuit.

Understanding the Ad Blockers

Adblocking is exploding in popularity and now it's jumping to mobile with iOS 9. Publishers need to understand adblockers if they want to change them.

3 Count: Go Joe!

GI Joe creator seeks to reclaim copyright, Rick Ross loses Hustlin' decision against LMFAO and Apple to appeal ebook price fixing to Supreme Court.

Apple Music: Imperfect But Still Impressive

Apple has launched its much-anticipated music streaming service. While it fails to live up to the hype, it's still serious contender in the space.

3 Count: Cored Apple

Apple suffers defeat in ebook antitrust case, German court orders YouTube to block infringements and French magazine fined over piracy guide.