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3 Count: Klinging On

Axanar lawsuit continues despite promises to end it, sentencing of UK pirate upheld and Led Zeppelin asks for dismissal in Stairway to Heaven case.

3 Count: Hopping Settlementutrrczsecrdaxy

NBCUniversal settles with Dish Network over AutoHop, Fox News and TV Eyes appeal their case and Led Zeppelin trial concludes day four.

3 Count: Spoiler Alert

Expert witness can stay in Stairway to Heaven case, Prenda Law loses appeal and must pay sanctions and spoiler group hit with copyright cease and desist.

3 Count: Some Ultra-Litigation

Pure Flix sued over God is Not Dead, YouTuber sued by composer of Clockwork Orange and SoundExchange appeals Copyright Royalty Board ruling.

3 Count: Snap This…

Kim Dotcom appeals the seizure of his assets, UK minister says sharing Snapchats is an infringement and adult DVD forum sued for copyright infringement.

3 Count: Appealing Monkey

PETA appeals loss in selfie monkey case, Nigerian musician sued by photographer and Netflix jumps into the Google DMCA game.

3 Count: Blurred Appeal

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams appeal Blurred Lines ruling, Germany museum sues Wikimedia Foundation and EU legislation tackles geoblocking.

3 Count: Opened Eyes

TVEyes gets a partial reprieve from its injunctions, Foxtel plans to start trying too block sites next year and a new report looks at piracy and ads.

3 Count: Showing Restraint

Aurous hit with a restraining order, Warner/Chappell seeks Happy Birthday reconsideration or appeal and Mein Kampf to be on sale next year in Germany.

3 Count: Happy Birthday to All

Happy Birthday to You is now public domain, Batmobiles qualify for copyright protection and Australia has new person in charge of copyright issues.