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3 Count: Science Fact, Single Feature

Sci-Hub loses another domain to Elsevier's efforts, porn studio sues owner of Porn.com and Moneyweb loses its lawsuit against competitor Fin24.

A Brief Guide to Ethical Aggregation

For nearly 100 years aggregation has been a controversial topic, so what can an aggregator do to stay ethical and legal?

Repost: Why Article Embedding Has an Uphill Battle

Repost hopes to change the way you share article, by turning links into embeds. But the idea isn't new and has a uphill battle ahead of it.

3 Count: Melting Away

Associated Press wins key decision over Meltwater, GoPro finds itself in a DMCA controversy and more torrent sites blocked in the UK.

3 Count: Sneak Peek

HADOPI in France looks to taget streaming sites, AP gets support in its case versus Meltwater and Comcast shows us its strikes.

SXSW Lesson 3: Tech Doesn’t Speak the Language of Copyright

Copyright law was written intentionally to be vague and open, but this clashes with how the tech industry works, thinks and speaks.

Fav.Or.It Site Shuts Down

Famous content aggregator Fav.or.it is closed, much to the relief of at least some in the blogging community.

Is the DiggBar Content Theft?

Digg's latest feature, the DiggBar, has caused a great deal of controversy, including many calling it outright content theft.

Is Lijit Creating Spam Blogs?

A new service by Lijit has raised eyebrows in the content community. Does their new aggregation service provide a new solution for content licensing or just push the boundaries of what is spam?

The Worst DMCA Response I’ve Seen

I've sent hundreds of takedown notices and seen a wide variety of replies, but Joyent has taken the cake by not just failing to act, but actively defending a potential spam blogger.