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Understanding the U.S. Copyright Office DMCA Report

The US Copyright Office's latest DMCA report has stirred a great deal of controversy. Here is what the report actually says.
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The Copyright War in Wolf-Kink Erotica

A copyright battle over wolf-kink erotica has not only divided the community, but it offers a taste of the copyright fights to come.
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Another Graduation Marred By Plagiarism

In a very unusual graduation season, a very familiar story of plagiarism and school officials comes back to the surface.
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How the Internet Advertising Industry Enables Plagiarism

The internet advertising industry has grown so complex and mammoth that plagiarists and scrapers find it easy to sneak in.

3 Count

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3 Count: Tyson’s Fury

1: Photographer Sues Software Company For Copyright InfringementFirst off today,...
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3 Count: Calculated Takedown

Casio uses DMCA notices to target calculator hack, Cloudflare ordered to unmask suspected pirates and Spotify lifts song limit.
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3 Count: Tinashe Lawsuit

1: Tinashe Sued By Music Producer, Accused Of Stealing MusicFirst...

Podcast & Video

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Understanding Music Licensing on YouTube

We already know that music licensing is a convoluted mess, but things get even more confusing and complicated when YouTube and Google become involved.
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Are Let’s Plays Legal?

The recent copyright dispute involving PewDiePie has raised a serious question about the legality of Let's Play videos. So let's dive into it.
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PewDiePie and the False DMCA

When Campo Santo filed a DMCA notice against PewDiePie, it didn't raise questions about the legality of Let's Plays, but their own license.
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