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1: Judge Rules Online Archive’s Book Service Violated Copyright

First off today, the Associated Press reports that the judge in the Internet Archive case has issued a summary judgment in favor of the book publishers., ruling that the online “library” had infringed the copyrights of the publishers.

The Internet Archive has long hosted a library-like service that allows users to check out digital copies of physical books that the organization had scanned. This process is known as controlled digital lending. However, in the early days of the pandemic, the Internet Archive went one step further and removed all restrictions on lending, creating the “National Emergency Library.”

It was following that move that the publishers filed a lawsuit against the Internet Archive. The judge in the case has now handed down a summary judgment in favor of the publishers, ruling that both controlled digital lending and the National Emergency Library are infringements of the publishers’ rights. The Internet Archive has vowed to appeal the ruling.

2: Lawsuit Over Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” Dismissed

Next up today, Evan Minsker at Pitchfork reports that a lawsuit filed against Donald Glover, who performs under the name Childish Gambino, has been dismissed as the judge claims issues with the copyright registration and the elements at issue in the case.

The lawsuit was filed by Emelike Wesley Nwosuocha, who performs under the name Kidd Wes. Nwosuocha claimed that Glover infringed his 2016 song Made in America when writing and recording the 2018 Childish Gambino song This is America.

However, the judge has now tossed the case, citing the lack of a copyright registration in the audio recording. The judge also noted that the alleged similarities between the songs are not protectable under copyright, prompting him to dismiss the case. Nwosuocha has said that he will appeal the decision.

3: Ukraine’s Defense Ministry Says Russia is Encouraging Online Piracy

Finally today, The Jerusalem Post reports that the Ukraine Defense Ministry has published a tweet accusing the Russian state government of actively encouraging piracy.

According to the tweet, officials in the Russian government have begun actively encouraging citizens to download western media from pirate sites. The tweet also mocked the Russian government for the action, saying that the country should, “just add the skull and bones to the tricolor.”

Previously, as western governments began to sanction Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, Russia moved to legalize most forms of copyright infringement. However, the Russian government did indicate that they are still working to crack down on piracy but, despite those efforts, say that piracy in the country is expected to double this year.

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