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1: Post Malone Settles ‘Circles’ Copyright Suit in Last-Minute Deal

First off today, Winston Cho at The Hollywood Reporter Esquire reports that musician Post Malone has reached a last-minute settlement over his 2019 hit Circles.

The case was filed by musician Tyler Armes, who claims that, in August 2018, he had a recording session with Post Malone in which much of the music of Circles was written. However, when Armes reached out to producer Frank Dukes about the issue, he was offered just a five percent share of publishing.

That led to the lawsuit, which had been going on since 2020. The case was slated to go to trial this week, with jury selection having already begun. However, a last-minute settlement means that trial will not happen. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

2: Author Sues Publishing House Over Copyright

Next up today, Aurore Teta Ufitiwabo at The New Times reports that, in Rawanda, author Aime Ncungure has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against his publisher, Fountain Publishers.

Ncungure claims that he is the author of the book History and Citizenship, which was published by Fountain Publishers. However, he claims that the agreement was only for five years and that he did not receive the promised 10% royalties. Furthermore, he is accusing the publisher of forging documents that show he received more royalties than he did.

Fountain Publishers said that they are aware of the lawsuit but had no comment. The Nyarugenge Intermediate Court is set to start hearing the case today.

3: Adobe, Nvidia AI Imagery Systems Aim to Resolve Copyright Questions

Finally today, Dawn Chmielewski and Stephen Nellis at Reuters reports that both Adobe and Nvidia have announced new AI image generation services that they hope will address copyright concerns many have with the technology.

Adobe introduced new AI features into its software, including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. However, it claims that the new system, dubbed Firefly, has been trained exclusively on licensed content, including their own stock image library, open licensed content and public domain works.

Likewise, Nvidia announced Picasso, its own AI image generation service, that it says was trained on images licensed to them from Getty Images, Shutterstock, Adobe and other sources. Both said that they intend to pay continued royalties for the use of the images that their AI projects use.

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