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1: Spinrilla Wants to Ban the Terms ‘Piracy’ and ‘Theft’ at RIAA Trial

First off today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that the mixtape site Spinrilla is asking a court to ban terms such as “piracy” and “theft” at an upcoming trial against the major record labels.

The case began in 2017 when the site was sued by the RIAA for copyright infringement. Spinrilla sought protection under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) but the court eventually ruled that the DMCA did not apply to Spinrilla’s case and set the stage for a trial for damages alone.

As that trial draws near, Spinrilla is asking the court to bar terms such as “piracy” and “theft”, alleging that they are terms of disparagement and have no value to the jury. As for the damages themselves, since the RIAA is seeking the maximum damages on the 4,082 songs at issue, they could go as high as $600 million.

2: Brazil: Success for Operation 404 Anti-Piracy Initiative

Next up today, Colin Mann at Advanced Television reports that, in Brazil, authorities have seized nearly 1,000 domains, removed 720 infringing music apps and executed 96 search warrants as part of Operation 404, a nationwide anti-piracy effort.

The project was a massive cooperative effort between authorities in Brazil and various private entities, including the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), a global music trade organization.

Operation 404 has been a long-running campaign in the country, with takedowns happening in massive “waves” of action, such as the most recent one. However, this wave was one of the largest and involved new partners, including additional trade organizations.

3: After Suing Influencers for Copyright Infringement, Disney Has Now Banned Them from Theme Parks

Finally today, Gabrielle Russon at Florida Politics reports that a pair of influencers are not just being sued for copyright and trademark infringement, but have been banned from Disney’s parks.

The story focuses on Christopher and Hannah Martin, two influencers currently facing a lawsuit from Disney over merchandise they sell on their site that Disney alleges is a violation of both their copyrights and their trademarks. The Martins have been defending the case, saying that they have “a strong level defense.” Disney says they only filed the lawsuit after the pair ignored a series of cease and desist letters.

But regardless of their defense, a recent visit to a Disney park ended in Christopher receiving a lifetime ban from Disney property. Martin livestreamed himself receiving the ban and then used the video as a means of promoting the same merchandise that is at issue in the case.

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