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1: Twitter’s Broken Its Copyright Strike System, Users Are Uploading Full Movies

First off today, Paul Tassi at Forbes reports that, amid the turmoil at Twitter, the site’s copyright detection system appears to be broken and is allowing users to upload full pirated movies to their Twitter accounts.

Since Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and assuming the role of CEO, the company has been the subject of both massive layoffs and resignations. This led many to wonder when the site would start having issues, and it appears that their copyright infringement detection system has completely broken.

This became apparent after several accounts uploaded complete Hollywood movies, using Twitter threads and short videos to do so. Though some of the accounts involved have been suspended, those seem to have been manual removals, not automated ones. This means that Twitter will be forced to take greater direct action, all at a time they have significantly reduced staff.

2: Police Tracked Traffic of All National ISPs to Catch Pirate IPTV Users

Next up today, Andy Maxwell at Torrentfreak writes that, in Italy, the police are claiming to have tracked thousands of individuals that attempted to access pirate websites and are cooperating with the nation’s internet service providers to make that happen.

According to the report, a recent operation targeted some 500 pirate IPTV services that more than 300 piece of IPTV infrastructure were taken offline. However, in addition to that, the country’s authorities also sent letters to users of those sites noting that their activity had been monitored and that they were breaking the law.

This was done by working with ISPs to redirect internet traffic to police-controlled servers, where the activity could be recorded. In addition to the stern letter, suspected pirates were also ordered to pay a small fine, which could be greatly reduced if they pay the fine within the next 60 days. It is estimated that 1,600 were targeted in this first wave of letters.

3: Tom Petty’s Estate Slams Kari Lake’s ‘Failed’ Campaign Over ‘Unauthorized’ Song Use

Finally today, ABC News reports that the estate of musician Tom Petty have released a statement decrying the use of Petty’s song I Won’t Back Down as part of a campaign video for defeated Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

Lake had previously shared a video of campaign trail highlights put to two minutes from the song in question. The estate said that “This is illegal” and that they are exploring all of their legal options to stop the unauthorized use.

This was not Lake’s first run in with an artist this election. Previously, her use of the Twisted Sister song We’re Not Gonna Take It brought a strong rebuke from the band’s singer Dee Snider, though no legal threats were made in that case.

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