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1: RIAA Flags ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Music Mixer as Emerging Copyright Threat

First off today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that the RIAA has submitted its recommendations to the United States Trade Representative (USTR) regarding international notorious markets for piracy. Those recommendations include a slew of familiar names, but also a new one, “AI-based” music mixers and extractors.

The Notorious Markets report is an annual report by the USTR that identifies international markets that enable piracy. The USTR invites input from various stakeholders, which is what the RIAA is providing in this report.

The report highlighted a variety of streaming and cyberlocker sites, but also paid an unusual amount of attention to AI-based “Extractors/Mixers”. This included Songmastr, a service that claims to use artificial intelligence to create master recordings of new songs. However, since the system was trained on copyright-protected music without permission, the RIAA is claiming that the service is committing and enabling infringement.

2: Lawyer: Cardi B ‘Humiliated’ Man with Racy Image on Mixtape

Next up today, the Associated Press reports that an artist has filed a lawsuit against Cardi B over the cover of one of her mixtapes that featured a back tattoo that he both designed and is wearing.

The lawsuit was filed by Kevn Michael Brophy who claims that his back tattoo is featured in the cover, but the image has been altered to put him in what appears to be a sexually suggestive position. As such, he has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the musician and the artist who created the cover, Timm Gooden.

Cardi B had previously argued that the use of the image was a fair use because it was transformative. They further noted that the tattoo was superimposed on a clearly different individual and that the model’s face was not shown. A trial on this dispute is expected to begin shortly.

3: Silent Hill 2: Part 1 Potentially Leaked Via a Copyright Strike, Indicating an Episodic Remake

Finally today, Misael Duran at Gamepur reports that, as fans of the Silent Hill series await an important announcement about an upcoming game, a copyright note on YouTube may have already given away the title.

Two YouTubers, operating under the name SHNHorror, said that they were doing a test run of a livestream for the upcoming announcement when they received a copyright notice that the video was claimed by Konami, the creators of the series.

Though the copyright notice wasn’t unusual, it included the title Silent Hill 2: Part 1, indicating the title of the upcoming Silent Hill game and that it will be an episodic release. All this comes ahead of Silent Hill Transmission event that is due to be the game’s official announcement later today.

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