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1: Pirate IPTV Operator Faces Prison Following Organized Crime Investigation

First off today, Andy Maxwell at Torrentfreak writes that, in the UK, a man faces potential prison time for his role in operated a pirate TV service after being charged both under the nation’s copyright act and under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The man, who is unidentified, was allegedly the operator of the Marvel Stream IPTV service. The investigation was carried out initially by the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) as a private prosecution and resulted in the closure of the site in March of this year.

However, the range of potential sentences in this case is broad, with the combined charges ranging anywhere from less than a year in prison to more than 14 years total. The individual is expected to appear in a magistrates’ court in October and then referred to a Crown Court in November.

2: 99 Web Domains Illegally Streaming Sports, Korean Drama Blocked

Next up today, Dominic Low at The Straights Times reports that, in Singapore, some 99 web addresses linked to 30 different websites are being blocked under a new court order.

The move actually follows an order blocking some 150 addresses in February this year. That order provided for dynamic blocking, meaning that new domains and addresses would be added as they were discovered. To that end, another 99 are being added now.

The order applies to all of the nation’s major internet service providers, and all but one have confirmed they are complying with the new order.

3: Tuscola Floats New Mascot Logo in Response to Copyright Challenge

Finally today, Becky Johnson at The Mountaineer reports that, in North Carolina, Tuscola High School may be getting a new logo after Appalachian State University said that the previous one was too similar to their own.

The saga began earlier this year when App State sent a letter demanding that Tuscolo change their logo. They noted that the two logos were extremely similar, both featuring a mountaineer in profile with a black stovepipe hat, a beard and a corncob pipe. The similarities also included the schools’ colors, which are both black and gold.

Tuscola recruited a senior at the school to redesign the logo, but their attempt was rejected by App State, saying that it was still too close to avoid copyright and trademark issues. However, despite that rejection, school officials are proposing sending it to a copyright attorney to see if they feel it would be acceptable and, if so, they will use it regardless. In the meantime, various projects such as ordering uniforms and equipment are on hold.

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