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1: After Settling with Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, Photographer Sues Miley Cyrus for Copyright Infringement

First off today, Meghann Cuniff at Law & Crime reports that Miley Cyrus is the latest celebrity to face a lawsuit from New York photographer Robert Barbera, causing her to join the ranks of Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

According to the lawsuit, in February 2020, Barbera took a photo of Cyrus as she left a building. That photo was then shared on Cyrus’ Instagram account in April, though Barbera claims he didn’t notice until a month later.

Now, he has filed a lawsuit against Cyrus, claiming that she infringed his photo of her. The lawsuit represents the latest in a long line of celebrities that have been sued by paparazzi over the use of unlicensed images on their social media. Most celebrities have opted to settle their cases.

2: China to Crack Down on Copyright Infringement Through NFTs

Next up today, Lubomir Tassev at Bitcoin.com reports that the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) has announced that it is targeting copyright infringement taking place via non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

China, as a nation, has allowed the issuing and sale of NFTs but has tried to curb speculation on them, trying to view them more as “digital collectibles” rather than objects of investment. However, the NCAC has become worried by what it sees as widespread infringement through NFTs and has said that they will begin cracking down on it.

However, the NCAC was sparse on the details about this crackdown, saying that, for this market to grow legitimately, there needs to be action taken against those that create pirated NFTs based on works they don’t own.

3: Chris Brown ‘No Guidance’ Copyright Lawsuit Dropped By Accuser

Finally today, Devi Seitaram at Urban Islandz reports that rappers Chris Brown and Drake have escaped a potential copyright infringement trial as two rappers who sued the duo have dropped their lawsuit following a settlement.

The case was originally filed by Brandon Cooper and Timothy Valentine, who accused Brown and Drake of basing their hit song No Guidance on their 2016 song I Love Your Dress. The plaintiffs had removed Drake from the lawsuit in Aprii, but the lawsuit continued against both Brown and his record label, Sony.

However, that has now ended too as the plaintiffs have agreed to drop the case. The move comes amid a settlement between the two sides, though no details about that settlement are known.

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