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1: India Orders VPN Providers to Log and Hand Over Customer Data

First off today, Michael Kan at PC Magazine reports that India is enacting a new policy that, if enforced, would require virtual private network (VPN) providers to collect, store and turn over user data.

The move is not directly copyright-related and actually is meant to better empower the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) to deal with cybersecurity and to unmask criminals. However, since VPNs are commonly used as a way to ensure privacy while engaging in pirate activities, it could definitely have impacts there.

According to the Indian government, the new policy takes effect June 27. No VPN providers have said whether they will or will not follow the directions. Those that do not may be subject to blocking in India.

2: US Judge rejects RCN’s latest round of Rightscorp dissing

Next up today, Chris Cooke at Complete Music Update reports that a federal judge has blocked a counterclaim by the internet service provider (ISP) RCN, which accused the anti-piracy firm Rightscorp of improper behavior.

RCN is facing a lawsuit from the major record labels with claims that the ISP is not doing enough to combat piracy on its service. However, RCN has hit back, saying that Righscorp, which was responsible for most of the detection of pirated material, unfairly flooded them with too many copyright notices. However, the judge previously dismissed that counterclaim but left room for RCN to file it again, they did in October 2020, but now that counterclaim has been dismissed as well.

According to the judge, the case is not about RCN versus Rightscorp, but the safe harbor questions that exist between RCN and the major labels. This leaves the rest of the lawsuit to continue.

3: AnimeKisa.tv Shuts Down, Says That Pirates Don’t Like to Pay or View Ads

Finally today, Andy Maxwell at Torrentfreak writes that the popular anime pirate site AnimeKisa.tv has shut its doors, saying that the unwillingness of their audience to pay made the site untenable.

The site launched in 2018 and, until recently, was receiving about 18 million visitors per month. However, 18 months ago, the site removed all advertising and sought to keep itself afloat with donations. The site requested a relatively meager $150 per month, but was unable to match that.

As a result of this, the site is shutting its doors and encouraging visitors to stay away from unauthorized clones of it, as they can push worse ads and otherwise be a detriment to the user experience.

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