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1: Post Malone’s Bid to Dismiss ‘Circles’ Suit Before Trial ‘Doesn’t Work’ for Judge

First off today, Nancy Dillon at Rolling Stone reports that Post Malone has lost a bid to have a lawsuit against him tossed, with the judge strongly indicating that the case is heading toward a May 17th trial date.

The lawsuit was filed by Tyler Armes, who claims that he was involved in the early writing sessions for the Post Malone song circles but was not granted joint authorship credit, even though Malone and his producer, Franke Dukes, were given it.

Malone had attempted to argue that Armes didn’t have the required supervision needed to be a joint author, but the judge said that he was unaware of such a rule and declined to dismiss the lawsuit from the bench. Though the judge did say that it was not his final ruling on the motion, but strongly indicated that the impending trial date was looking more likely.

2: Morocco Pledges to Strengthen Copyright Law Under New Bill

Next up today, Oumaima Latrech at Morocco World News reports that, in Morocco, the House of Representatives voted 125-46 in favor of a new copyright draft law that the country hopes will better protect the rights of authors and preserve the nation’s cultural identity.

The draft law would grant the Moroccan Copyright Office more financial independence and increase its role in addressing new copyright challenges. It would also provide a path for digital works to become more accessible to those with disabilities, and it would create a social fund for creators.

The Moroccan Copyright Office dates back to the 1940s, and unlike the U.S. Copyright Office, is primarily tasked with advising creators and helping them manage their rights.

3: Omi in a Hellcat Sued Again, This Time Over Pirate IPTV Brand ‘Reloaded’

Finally today, Andy Maxwell at Torrentfreak writes that Omi in a Hellcat is facing yet another lawsuit, this time over allegations of trademark infringement over apparel he sold under his “Reloaded” brand.

Omi in a Hellcat rose to prominence and wealth by operating an illegal IPTV service that allowed subscribers access to copyright infringing material. That operation was shut down by the U.S. government in November 2019 and, since then, he has had “at least” $5.2 million seized from him. He has also plead guilty to criminal charges related to the service, though he has not been sentenced yet.

However, his latest legal trouble involves alleged trademark infringement. As part of his IPTV service, he released a “Reloaded” brand of shoes and other merchandise. NuStar Enterprises LLC, a company that was using a similar mark, originally tried to negotiate with him over a license, but those efforts fell apart in 2019. However, Omi continued to sell his clothing. As such, NuStar has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Omi and is seeking the destruction of all his product as well as his profits threefold.

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