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First off today, Blake Brittain at Reuters reports that a lawsuit against the online concert archive Wolfgang’s Vault has ended as the two sides have reached an agreement to settle it.

The lawsuit was filed by musician Greg Kihn, who sued the site in 2017. He sought to make the case a class action lawsuit, something that Wolfgang’s Vault fought against. That battle went before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled earlier this month that the case did not qualify to be a class action lawsuit.

With that defeat, the two sides began settlement negotiations and have now agreed to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice, meaning that it cannot be refiled.

Next up today, Matthew Humphries at PC Magazine reports that Google Drive users experienced an unusual bug where nearly empty files would be flagged for copyright infringement.

The issue was first publicly noticed by Dr. Emily Dolson, an assistant professor at Michigan State University, who shared a screenshot of an alert she received regarding her Google Drive. The alert informed her that a file named “output24.txt” was in violation of their copyright infringement policy, to which she responded that it was a file with only one character, the number “1.”

Others quickly noticed and confirmed the issue, adding that files that also just contained a “0” were similarly impacted. Someone working on Google Drive confirmed that the issue was a bug and that they were working on a fix. There was no timetable for it to be corrected.

3: beIN Sports Welcomes French Piracy Victory

Finally today, Julian Clover at Broadband TV News reports that beIN Sports has become the first broadcaster to secure a French court order blocking the illegal distribution of their content.

beIN Sports has become famous for their battles against piracy, in particular against the Saudi Arabian streaming service beoutQ. beIN petitioned the Paris Court of Justice to allow them to compel local ISPs to block pirate services and the court has agreed.

The service is best known for its soccer content, but also presents Formula 1 racing and content from the NFL.

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