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1: LEGO is Being Sued for Copyright Infringement Over Leather Jacket Design

First off today, The Fashion Law reports that LEGO is facing a lawsuit from artist James Concannon following the inclusion of a jacket similar to one that he designed as part of a recent LEGO set.

The set is based on the Queer Eye series and was worn by Antoni Porowski on the show. According to Concannon, he designed the jacked in 2018. However, according to Concannon, while he granted Netflix and the show’s producer a right to display the jacket as part of the show, he never granted LEGO the right to commercially reproduce the work.

According to the lawsuit, despite the tiny nature of the LEGO jacket, the company reproduced multiple elements from it. As a result, he sent a cease-and-desist letter to LEGO. However, he claims that LEGO responded claiming that they had an implied license to use the jacket as part of their set.

2: GitHub Takes Down “Widevine Dump” Forks Following MPA Complaint

Next up today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that the code hosting service GitHub has removed various “Widevine Dump” forks following a takedown notice filed by the Motion Picture Association (MPA).

The Widevine app makes it possible for users to download high definition video from various streaming platforms. Though it is unknown if the person who uploaded the project to GitHub was the creator, it was confirmed by others that the code was working as designed.

However, the MPA alleged that the code was a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) due to the fact it circumvents copyright protection tools. As such, GitHub has removed the original upload as well as several forks that included contained the allegedly infringing code.

3: Qatar, Saudi Arabia Halt WTO Efforts to Resolve Piracy Broadcast Dispute

Finally today, Andrew Mills at Reuters reports that Qatar and Saudi Arabia have put an end to their dispute before the World Trade Organization over the alleged piracy of Qatari television provider beIN.

The dispute began in 2017 when a dispute between the countries resulted in Saudi Arabia issuing a blockade against Qatar. This included streaming beIN content in the country. However, Qatar alleged that Saudi Arabia launched or aided in the launch of beoutQ, a pirate service that captured beIN streams and rebroadcast them in the country unlawfully.

This resulted in Qatar scoring a major win before the WTO, a victory that Saudi Arabia was appealing. However, that appeal has been halted as both sides have requested that it be dropped. This follows an agreement in January between various countries in the region, including the two involved here, that put this issue to rest.

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