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1: Hollywood Demands $16.35m From Operator of Pirate IPTV Services

First off today, Andy Maxwell at Torrentfreak writes that the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is asking for some $16.35 million in damages, a permanent injunction and the execution of an earlier settlement agreement against the alleged operator of the site Altered Carbon, Area 51 and other pirate services.

The lawsuit targets Jason Tusa and actually began back in August 2020 when he shuttered his Area 51 service following a cease-and-desist letter. The two sides reached a settlement in October 2020 but now Ace claims that he defied that agreement and launched another service, Altered Carbon, resulting him in now being sued for copyright infringement.

Now ACE, which is a group of film studios and legal streaming platforms, is now demanding some $16.35 million in damages as well as the execution of the settlement agreement from October. They are also seeking a permanent injunction, attorney’s fees in the amount of $332,600 and interest on monies owed.

2: Life is Strange: True Colors Legally Isn’t Able to Show Subtitles During Copyrighted Songs

Next up today, Hope Bellingham at GamesRadar reports that the recently released game Life is Strange: True Colors has been released, but fans noticed that, despite most of the game being well subtitled, portions with singing were not. The reason, it turns out, is due to copyright.

The revelation came after another journalist, Laura Kate Dale, reached out to the game’s developers. They replied saying that, due to issues surrounding the copyright of the lyrics. The person who wrote her back apologized for the lack of accessibility in those two sections, but that there is not an easy fix on the horizon.

The developers went on to say that they hope to improve this moving forward in future games of the series, but this was the best they could do for this release.

3: Deathloop PC Version Gets Negative Reviews Due to Anti-Piracy and Optimization Concerns

Finally today, Rahul Majumdar at IGN India reports that Arkane Studios has released its latest game, Deathloop but, though it seems to be well-received on most systems, it is faring less well in regard to its PC port.

The issue, according to gamers, iperformance issues that cause the game to struggle, even on powerful systems. They blame the issue on the anti-piracy software Denuvo, which is included with the game in an effort to reduce piracy of it.

Arkane has said that it is listening to gamers and is working on fixes for the PC version soon.

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