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1: Tommy Vext Sued by Bad Wolves’ Label for Copyright Infringement

First off today, Philip Trapp at Loudwire reports that the battle between the Bad Wolves and their former lead singer Tommy Vext has taken an additional turn, with the band’s label suing Vext for copyright infringement.

Vext was recently removed from the band under heated circumstances and, currently, the band and their label are engaged in a legal battle over that removal and the rights to the band’s name. However, Better Noise Music has hit back at Vext, claiming that he has released recordings and videos related to the band without the label’s permission.

The lawsuit is the latest chapter in a legal battle between the two sides. Vext believes he was improperly removed from the band, and have even begun promoting a tour with a similar band name.

2: Douyin removes user clips after copyright showdown with Tencent

Next up today, Caixin Ding Yi at Nikkei Asia reports that Douyin, the Chinese version of the poplar video app TikTok, has removed thousands of clips related to the Tencent-owned TV show Crime Crackdown.

The move comes after Tencent sued Douyin’s parent company, ByteDance, for alleged copyright infringement of the show on the platform. They are seeking 100 million yuan ($15.4 million) in damages for the alleged infringement. However, after the lawsuit was filed, Douyin claimed that they signed an agreement with the show’s producers to allow it on the platform. That statement has been since taken down.

This is just the latest copyright battle between ByteDance and Tencent, with Tencent having previously won a similar case about a different show that users shared clips of on Douyin.

3: Usenet Giant Newzbin Shuts Down, BREIN Still Intends to Pursue Operators

Finally today, Andy Maxwell at TorrentFreak writes that the popular Usenet indexing site Newzbin may be down after more than eight years, but the anti-piracy group BREIN has indicated that they will continue to pursue the site’s operators.

The site has long been one of the best-known and best-trafficked sites to access pirated content published on Usenet. However, after the anti-piracy group BREIN successfully shuttered a competing site, NZBXS, organizers and contributors became increasingly wary and the decision was made to shut down permanently.

The site is undecided what to do with its database but BREIN, in a statement, made it clear that the operators are not necessarily out of the woods just because the site is closed as they are continuing to pursue both operators and users of such sites.

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