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1: Apple Appeals Against Security Research Firm While Touting Researchers

First off today, Joseph Menn at Reuters reports that, despite a recent settlement, Apple has appealed a lower court decision in its ongoing lawsuit against the security firm Corellium.

The case deals with Corellium’s product that simulates iPhone operating systems for security researchers. Apple sued the company, alleging that it violated both their copyright and their rights under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. However, a judge tossed the case, ruling that Corellium’s use was a fair use.

Recently, the two sides reached a settlement on most issues in the case, but Apple is going ahead and appealing the judge’s decision. This comes at a time when Apple is planning on scanning user phones for images of child sex abuse, worrying many security researchers. Though Apple has promised transparency in the process, researchers fear that Apple is working on making it more difficult to study its devices.

2: Federal Court Awards $29M in Statutory Damages for Copyright Infringement in Media Case

Next up today, Elizabeth Raymer at Canadian Lawyer reports that a Federal Court in Canada has ruled in favor of various broadcasters in their efforts to target a group of retailers that are selling “fully loaded” set-top boxes that allow access to pirated content.

The in ruling the judge noted that, by selling the boxes with the software already on it, the distributors were inducing copyright infringement. As such, the judge has ordered the defendants to pay some $29.3 million in damages to the broadcasters for their alleged infringement of some 386 individual works.

The case represents the first time that a claim of inducement has been applied to this kind of piracy. This sets the stage for more potential lawsuits along the same lines in Canada.

3: 2 Chainz, Offset Dodge Copyright Suit Over ‘Proud’ Song, Lyrics

Finally today, Kathleen Dailey at Bloomberg Law reports that 2 Chainz, Offset and UMG Recordings have emerged victorious in a lawsuit filed by Soloman Clanton, over the popular 2018 2 Chainz song Proud.

Clanton, who performs under the name Slugga, claimed that 2 Chainz ripped off his 2015 song of the same name. In addition to the name and themes, Clanton pointed to a specific lyric “I’m tryna make my momma proud.” as evidence of infringement.

However, the judge ruled against Clanton, saying that the similar elements were not protectable under copyright law and that Clanton never provided proof that 2 Chainz had access to his song. As such, he ordered the case dismissed.

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