3 Count: Roblox Roadblock

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1: Roblox Sued for $200M+ by Music PUblishers, Who Allege Copyright Infringement

First off today, Tim Ingham at Music Business Worldwide reports that a group of independent music publishers, led by the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA), have filed a lawsuit against the online video game platform Roblox over the way the service uses music on its platform.

According to the lawsuit, Roblox requires users to pay when they upload music to the service, even if they don’t have a license for the song. They then take no action to prevent repeat infringement, to alert users to the potential copyright infringements.

As such, the NMPA is seeking some $200 million in damages and an injunction barring further infringement. The lawsuit comes as the organization is stepping up its takedown efforts against Twitch, which is likely to cause headaches for streamers on that site.

2: Greenpeace Prevails Over AGL in Copyright Case

Next up today, Mark Tilly at Energy News Bulletin reports that, in Australia, the environmental advocacy group Greenpeace has notched a legal victory against the energy firm AGL Energy over a Greenpeace documentary that accused AGL of being the nation’s biggest climate polluter.

AGL had sued alleging both copyright and trademark infringement, in particular over the use of the company’s logo. However, the judge found that the country’s fair dealing provisions allow the use of such a work for parody, satire and criticism. The judge noted that the copyright provides a tool to protect a creative work, not the reputation of the entity that work represents.

The victory wasn’t a total one for Greenpeace, as the judge did impose an injunction on certain uses of the AGL logo in protest. That said, it was still an overwhelming victory for Greenpeace in this case.

3: FIFA Settles Cruise Ship Copyright Dispute

Finally today, Colin Mann at Advanced Television reports that FIFA has settled a lawsuit with TUI Cruises over the cruise lines alleged broadcasting of FIFA matches while in international waters.

FIFA filed the lawsuit in a German court in July 2020 alleging that, without a license, TUI was showing FIFA matches including the 2018 FIFA World Cup and the 2019 Women’s World Cup. After the judge indicated that it was going to hold TUI responsible for not respecting FIFA copyrights, the two sides began work on a settlement that was announced ealrier this week.

Under the settlement, TUI Cruises recognizes FIFA’s copyright and will refrain from using the feed on its ships without a license. This includes both in public spaces on the ship and in cabin TVs.

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