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1: Triller Hits H3 Podcast With $50m Jake Paul Piracy Lawsuit, Judge Guts Original Complaint

First off today, Andy Maxwell at Torrentfreak writes that Triller’s lawsuit against various pirate sites has been gutted, leaving only one defendant, but the company has turned around and refiled at least one of those cases, targeting H3H3 Productions.

Triller filed the lawsuit against some dozen websites and 100 “John Doe” plaintiffs that it accused of pirating the recent pay-per-view boxing match between Jake Paul and Ben Askren. However, the judge expressed skepticism that the 12 sites acted in any kind of conspiracy, meaning that they should not have been joined in the lawsuit and should instead be parties in separate cases. Triller, for their part, asked for expedited discovery to prove any connections.

However, the judge how now denied that expedited discovery and dismissed all but the first plaintiff, FilmDaily.com, from the lawsuit. This raised questions as to whether Triller would continue to pursue the case but pursue they have, filing a separate lawsuit against the team behind the H3H3 Podcast, accusing them of damages in excess of $50 million for displaying parts of the (extremely short) fight on the podcast. It is unclear if Triller will file lawsuits targeting the other dismissed defendants.

2: TikTok Owner ByteDance Pursues Legal Battle Against Tencent After Court Rules it Pay US $1.2 Million in Damages

Next up today, Coco Feng at the South China Morning Post reports that ByteDance, the owner of video-sharing apps TikTok and Doyin has announced it will appeal an earlier ruling that says it must stop incentivizing users to stream the Tencent game Honour of Kings on its service.

The lawsuit played out in China’s Intellectual Property Court and saw Tencent sue ByteDance for copyright infringement after users of one of their apps livestreamed Honour of Kings, the world’s most popular mobile role-playing game, on the service. The court ordered ByteDance to stop incentivizing such streaming and to pay 8 million yuan ($1.2 million) in damages.

However, ByteDance has announced that it intends to appeal that decision arguing both that the streaming is a fair use of Tencent-owned content and that, even if it isn’t, it’s the streamers that are liable, not them.

3: ‘Les Miserables’ Concert Mired in Copyright Feud

Finally today, Im Eun-byel at The Korea Herald reports that a series of upcoming performance of Les Misérables in Seoul and Busan are in jeopardy after the organization putting on the shows, K&P Entertainment, is accused of not holding the correct rights to the musical.

On Monday, Les Misérables Korea, the organization that holds the performance rights to the Korean language version of the English version of the musical, claimed that the performance is a violation of their rights. However, K&P claims that their performance is based on the French-language version, which they say is completely separate from the one Les Misérables Korea controls.

Les Misérables Korea further argues that the upcoming productions are not approved by the original musical’s lyricist, composer or the original musical’s production company. Currently, the performance is scheduled to move forward in Busan this Sunday and then bfrom May 19 through 23 in Seoul.

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