An Update on the Plagiarism Today YouTube Channel

For several years, I ran a YouTube channel dedicated to copyright and plagiarism issues. However, even though it’s still linked in the sidebar, it had been truly defunct for over two years with the last video being posted in January 2019.

The reason for this was simple, this site and my consulting business took up the lion’s share of my time and video work, even short easy-to-edit videos, takes up a lot of time and research. I always enjoyed doing YouTube videos, but it was not practical.

However, recently I’ve begun posting to it again. I’ve taken to uploading new videos on Fridays, with a tentative goal of two per month. That said, I am not a professional YouTuber. Life and work will get in the way sometimes.

The key was finding ways to streamline the editing process while also focusing on topics where the bulk of the research was already done. As such, I’m dipping me toe back into video work, but it is with some trepidation.

Still, I am happy to be making videos again and have made four since re-launching the channel in Late February. Since then, I’ve made four videos, all of which are based on posts on this site:

I’m posting this today for two reasons. The first is to announce that new videos are going up, at least semi-regularly, and that, if you prefer to get your content in video format, please take a moment to subscribe to the channel, I’d greatly appreciate it.

The second is to seek feedback, not just on ways to improve the videos, but what kinds of videos that you want to see.

In the past, this channel has hosted a wide variety of content including basic copyright explainers, podcasts and even some personal videos at various points.

However, I want this channel to be targeted at the readers of this site. This way, not only do you have additional content in a new format, but those that run across my vides on YouTube may make the jump here.

So please, take a moment and let me know what you think. You can use my contact form if you want to email me or reach out to me via Twitter. Either way, I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you all and I hope to see you on YouTube tomorrow!

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