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1: BTS and Big Hit (HYBE) Sued for Copyright Infringement Over K-Pop Reality TV Show I-Land

First off today, Murray Stassen at Music Business Worldwide reports that the popular K-Pop band is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit but it’s not over one of their songs, it’s over a TV show they made a guest appearance on.

The lawsuit was filed by an individual named Bryan Kahn, who claims that he created a treatment for a show similar to the K-pop “survival” series I-Land. The show was organized by the band’s label, Big Hit Entertainment (now HYBE), and CJ E&M. Kahn claims to have pitched the idea to the show to various industry members in the region but did not hear anything back.

As such, Kahn has filed a lawsuit against BTS, HYBE and CJ E&M America, an American subsidiary of CJ E&M. He is demanding a trial by jury and seeks damages and an injunction against further alleged infringement.

2: Basquiat NFT Withdrawn from Auction After Artist’s Estate Intervenes

Next up today, Anny Shaw at The Hart Newspaper reports that an NFT of a drawing by the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat has been withdrawn from sale after the artist’s estate alleged the seller does not have a license to the work involved.

The auction was sponsored by the firm Daystrom and was to take place on OpenSea. It involved an NFT created based on the mixed media work Free Comb with Pagoda and promised that, in addition to selling a unique token based on the work would transfer “reproduction and IP rights” to the work.

However, the estate said that the person who submitted the auction did not have authorization from them to sell such ownership in the work. As such, the NFT has been removed from sale though there is no word on if the estate will take action directly against the seller.

3: Judge Mainly Sides with Lizzo in Ongoing Truth Hurts Copyright Battle

Finally today, Chris Cooke at Complete Music Update reports that the judge in the Truth Hurts copyright battle has largely sided with the musician Lizzo but has still left the door open for the plaintiffs to stake a claim on the song.

The lawsuit was filed by Justin Raisen, Jeremiah Raisen and Yves Rothman, all of whom claimed to have collaborated with Lizzo on an earlier track entitled Healthy. They alleged that elements of that track were used in Truth Hurts and they were denied songwriting credit on the hit track.

The judge in the case had previously dismissed the complaint but allowed the plaintiffs to refile. Now the judge has dismissed most of the amended complaint but left in an order for “an accounting of revenues from the use of “‘Healthy’ in ‘Truth Hurts’.” According to the plaintiff’s lawyers, this keeps the door open to them getting songwriter credit and royalties for their contributions.

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