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1: DISH Network Sues ChitramTV For Copyright Infringement Over Purported Program Retransmissions

First off today, Kirsten Errick at Law Street Media reports that Dish Network has filed a lawsuit against Dinesh Vigneswaran, doing business as Chitram TV Canada and Chitram.ca for copyright infringement over programs that the Dish Network has the exclusive right to transmit.

According to the lawsuit, Chitram TV is an illegal internet-based streaming service that takes protected Dish Network channels and makes them available on the internet. Despite the Canadian name, Dish Network says that the product is available to those in the United States.

Dish Network is seeking a permanent injunction, damages as well as all legal costs. They are also seeking an order to transfer all the defendant’s domain names to DISH.

2: Twitch Makes it Easier for Streamers to Wipe Out Their Old Videos to Avoid Copyright Strikes

Next up today, Bijan Stephen at The Verge reports that Twitch has announced that it has added new tools to help creators both understand where they stand with copyright issues on the site and to mass delete recorded streams that might be a problem in the future.

The site drew criticism in October last year when it was hit with a flurry of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedowns as record labels targeted the service for ongoing and unlicensed use of music in streams. This led many to try and delete previously recorded clips, but the service offered no tool for deleting them in bulk and many users had thousands of potentially problematic clips.

Twitch has now added a way for users to bulk delete clips, either 20 at a time or all at once, as a means of avoiding such takedowns and has introduced a new copyright component to the dashboard that will alert users when they receive a DMCA notice and how many such notices they have been hit with.

3: Justice League Snyder Cut Leaked on Torrent Sites, Piracy Networks Ahead of Release

Finally today, Akhil Arora at Gadgets360 reports that the much-anticipated Snyder Cut of the Justice League movie has been leaked onto piracy networks two days prior to its official release.

The first legitimate versions of the film appeared on Tuesday and included multiple sizes and resolutions. Though it’s unclear where the leak came from, HBO Max did accidentally leak the film to its own members by showing it ahead of schedule to those that tried to watch Tom & Jerry.

The film itself is scheduled for full release tonight and is available as of 3 AM ET today on HBO Max.

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