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1: Riot and Bungie File Lawsuit Against Cheat-Making Company

First off today, Jordan Oloman at IGN reports that that video game makers Riot and Bungie have filed a lawsuit against, Cameron Santos, better known as GatorCheats, for allegedly making cheats for games such as Valorant and Destiny 2.

The lawsuit was filed in the Central District of California on January 8th and accuses GatorCheats of trafficking in circumvention devices, which is unlawful under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, intentional interference with contractual relations and unfair competition.

According to the lawsuit, GatorCheats has shuttered all their public-facing sites but believe that they are still selling cheats privately. The plaintiffs are seeking damages based on the harm the software has done to their business.

2: Koei Tecmo is Suing the Makers of a Nude-Modded Dead or Alive DVD

Next up today, Andy Chalk at PC Gamer writes that an unnamed Japanese man is being sued by Koei Tecmo for selling a DVD full of nude mod footage for the video game Dead or Alive.

The DVD allegedly featured footage from the game where the clothes had been removed from the all-female cast. Koei Tecmo has come out strongly against nude mods in the past asking that their players please play the game, which features bikini-clad women fighting, in a “good moral and manner.”

Koei Tecmo has said that they are seeking both criminal and civil penalties against the DVD maker. The game is still currently available on Steam for Japanese customers though many expect it to be pulled after previous threats.

3: Nintendo Is Making Copyright Claims on Videos of Game & Watch Hacking

Finally today, Andrew Liszewski at Gizmodo reports that Nintendo is filing copyright claims with YouTube to get videos of hacking their new Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. handheld gaming system.

The re-release of the Game & Watch is a portable mini console that includes three games in the form factor of the original device. However, YouTuber “Stacksmashing” started experimenting with the advice and tried to find ways to load additional games onto it.

However, now Nintendo has made copyright claims on two of his hacking videos, removing them from public view. Stacksmashing has edited and reuploaded those videos and has also filed disputes against the claims.

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