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Though Plagiarism Today is my main presence online and will continue to be, it’s made possible by the fact that I work as a copyright and plagiarism consultant/expert witness. Ever since August 2009, I’ve operated CopyByte, my business presence.

Well, after several weeks of work, I’m relaunching the CopyByte website with an all-new look and all-new information. The updated site better explains the services I (and those I work with) provide and also greatly aids with intake by having custom contact forms and tools to help people get the assistance they need quickly.

There is still a great deal to do on the site, so expect a few additional pages, some changes and fixes. However, the site is more than ready for its formal launch.

So, today I’m proud to announce the all-new There, you can find information about the various services I provide including:

Please bear in mind that I am not a lawyer, CopyByte is not a law firm and I do not provide legal advice. Instead, I work with lawyers to provide cost-effective solutions to copyright and plagiarism problems.

So, if you have a copyright or plagiarism issue that I can help with, visit and get in touch today.

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