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1: Internet Provider RCN Fails to have Piracy Liability Lawsuit Dismissed

First off today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that the internet service provider RCN has failed in its bid to get a lawsuit against it dismissed, with the judge ruling that it was too early to toss the case against them.

The case was filed last year by several major record labels accusing it of failing to take adequate action against pirates on its network. RCN denied those allegations and further argued that it had no ability to control piracy and didn’t benefit from it. As such, they filed a motion to dismiss, hoping to have the case tossed.

That, however, did not happen as the judge has said that it is too early in the case to dismiss it. The judge, however, was quick to emphasize that it’s because, at this stage, he has to weigh the evidence in the light most favorable to the plaintiffs. As such, he allowed claims for both contributory and vicarious copyright infringement to survive.

2: Kendrick Lamar Sued for Copyright Infringement Over Loyalty

Next up today, Murray Stassen at Music Business Worldwide reports that musician Kendrick Lamar has been sued for copyright infringement over his 2017 hit Loyalty.

The lawsuit was filed by musician Terrance Hayes, who argues that, in 2011, he wrote his own song entitle Loyalty and worked closely with producer Josef Leimberg. According to the complaint, Lamar’s collaborator Terrace Martin had also worked closely with Leimberg.

According to the lawsuit, Lamar’s version of the song “copies substantial qualitative and quantitative portions of the Subject Track, including the same song title, similar subject matter, substantially similar note combinations and structures, melodies, themes, rhythm, and kick and snare patterns.”

3: Pirated Copies of ‘Tenet’ Flood Torrent Sites — But You Probably Don’t Wanna Watch Them

Finally today, Mix at The Next Web reports that pirate sites have been flooded with “pirated” copies of the new blockbuster movie Tenet, however, the versions posted are low-quality and many contain sketchy advertisements.

Though it’s unclear where the leaks came from, various versions of the film feature German or Korean subtitles while still others feature overlayed ads for gambling websites. Others are camcorded, meaning that they are recorded on handheld cameras in movie theaters.

The wave of actual pirated copies comes after a wave of fake pirated copies that often included malware and other unwanted files.

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