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1: Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction for Amazon and Top Authors in Lawsuit Against ‘Pirate’ Book Site

First off today, Taylor Soper at Geekwire reports that a judge has granted an injunction against the pirate book site Kiss Library as the site failed to appear in court to defend itself.

Last month, Amazon Publishing, Penguin Random House and a group of authors filed the lawsuit against Kiss Library. According to the lawsuit, the site is selling copies of popular ebooks for a fraction of the normal price. However, they claim that the site can only do that because the books are pirated and none of the money goes to the authors or their publishers.

The plaintiffs had asked for an injunction and a hearing was scheduled to discuss the matter last week. However, despite being notified, no one representing Kiss Library showed at the hearing. The judge, deciding that the plaintiffs were likely to succeed in their case and had shown they would suffer irreparable damage without an injunction, has granted one. The injunction bars Kiss Library from distributing the books at issue. It also requires payment processors to cease working with the site and also bars hosting providers and domain registries from doing so either.

2: Twitter Removes Video Eric Trump Posted Over Copyright Complaint

Next up today, Chris Mills Rodrigo at The Hill reports that Twitter has removed a video posted by Eric Trump, one of President Donald Trump’s sons.

The video, which featured President Trump’s head superimposed over the body of Roy Williams, the head coach of the University of North Carolina basketball team, drew criticism over its doctored nature. Other prominent conservative figures are also superimposed into the video, the original of which featured the UNC men’s basketball team celebrating.

According to the DMCA notice, the content was removed due to a complaint from the UNC Athletics department, which shot the original video.

3: Toni Basil Loses Appeal Over Unauthorized Use of “Mickey”

Finally today, Ashley Cullins at The Hollywood Reporter Esquire reports that musician and dancer Toni Basil has had her lawsuit over her hit song Mickey tossed after an Appeals Court sided with the lower court and ruled her claims are preempted by the U.S. Copyright Act.

Basil sued New Razor & Tie Enterprises for intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, elder abuse and unfair business practices after the company licensed her hit song Mickey to South Park and to Disney, which used it in connection with a clothing line.

The dispute deals with the chain of events that happened after Basil’s original record label went bankrupt decades ago. New Razor & Tie claims that they purchased the rights to Mickey though Basil claims that, as per her original contract, the rights reverted back to her. Though that matter is still up for dispute, the judge ruled that all of the actions, in this case, are preempted by the U.S. Copyright Act. As such, the case was dismissed by the lower court and that dismissal has been upheld by the Appeals Court.

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