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1: Eminem’s Publisher Sues Harry Fox Agency, Alleging it Conspired With Spotify to Skimp on Royalties

First off today, Ashley Cullins at The Hollywood Reporter Esquire reports that Eminem’s publisher, Eight Mile Style, has expanded their lawsuit against Spotify to include the Harry Fox Agency (HFA) and accuses the Agency of conspiring with Spotify to falsify royalty documents.

The HFA is a rights management collector that distributes mechanical license fees to publishers. With nearly a century of history, the agency is extremely well regarded by most in the industry. However, according to Eight Mile Style, the HFA backdated notices of intent to make it appear that Spotify had completed the necessary paperwork to obtain a compulsory license to use Eminem’s music.

In addition to the above arguments, Eight Mile Style also says that the Music Modernization Act does not apply to this case because the law only bars lawsuits when the rightsholders are unknown. Eight Mile Style claims they have evidence the HFA knew they were the rightsholders as of 2010. As such, they are continuing to sue Spotify for direct infringement but have added HFA as a defendant accused of contributory copyright infringement.

2: GitHub Removes ‘Chimera13’ iOS Jailbreak After DMCA Notice from ‘Unc0ver’

Next up today, Ernesto Van der Sar at Torrentfreak writes that the code-sharing website GitHub has removed the Chimera13 jailbreak code for iOS due to a DMCA notice. However, it wasn’t Apple to blame for the notice, instead, it was a competing jailbreak team.

Though Apple is clearly not happy with people jailbreaking their iPhones, there is an exemption in the DMCA that permits it. As such, they are not eligible for takedowns by Apple. However, this case is different as the notice was filed by the Unc0ver group, which works on a competing jailbreak application.

According to Unc0ver, a third-party developer named Coolstar “stole” their code and used it as part of the Chimer13 jailbreak. That said, Coolstar has already filed a counter-notice and expects the code to be restored within about two weeks barring any additional action by Unc0ver.

3: Ludwig Discovers Massive Exploit in YouTube’s Copyright System

Finally today, Cale Michael at Dot Esports reports that YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren claims that he has found a new exploit in YouTube’s Content ID system, one that may impact countless video game streamers.

The discovery came after he received a copyright claim on one of his videos. However, he realized the portion in question only had audio from the Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and the claim did not come from Nintendo. Tracking down the “original” video, he discovered it was a rarely-viewed video that was a collection of song beginnings and sound effects.

This points to a problem YouTube tried to address, where scammers would use Content ID to claim videos with content they don’t own. YouTube attempted to fix this by altering the way payouts were handled but some still attempt it in hopes that others won’t challenge their claims. The “original” video has since been removed.

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