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1: Tinashe Sued By Music Producer, Accused Of Stealing Music

First off today, Ryan Naumann at The Blast reports that singer Tinashe is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit over her song Save Room for Us.

The lawsuit was filed by Australian Australian music producer and artist William Kissas, better known as Will K. He claims that he was in contact with Tinashe and MakJ about assembling some tracks for a future recording session and sent several over via dropbox. However, the recording session never materialized though he claims that the tracks were used in Save Room for Us without his permission.

Kissas is seeking all profits the defendants have obtained through the alleged infringement as well as attorneys fees.

2: Michael Moore Film Planet of the Humans Removed from YouTube

Next up today, Jonathan Watts at The Guardian reports that the new Michael Moor film Planet of the Humans has been removed from YouTube following a copyright infringement complaint by British photographer Toby Smith.

Planet of the Humans is Moore’s latest film and has drawn controversy over its stance on climate change. Smith, who is a nature photographer, directly opposes the stance that the film takes. When he learned that a clip of his was being used without his permission in the film, he decided to file the takedown notice. According to Smith, he did not want his work associated with something he disagreed with.

This has led to Moore and others claiming that the takedown was politically motivated and the film’s director has said they are working with YouTube to restore the film as soon as possible. Currently, the video for the full movie is unavailable on YouTube though trailers and promotional material remain online.

3: Guinness World Records Accidentally Copyright Claimed a Bunch of Super Mario Bros Speedruns

Finally today, Lauren Morton at Rock Paper Shotgun reports that the Guinness Book of World Records found itself in a copyright scuffle as a video profile they uploaded to YouTube ended up causing dozens of legitimate speedruns to become copyright claimed.

About nine months ago, Guinness published a video profile about the Super Mario Bros speedrunner Kosmic, which included video from several of his speedruns. As a result of that video, both Kosmic and other speedrunners have had copyright claims on their similar videos and attempts.

Guinness apologized for the incident and has said it’s released all of the accidental claims. All totaled, Kosmic himself said that he received some 40 copyright claims for his channel and other speedrunners claimed that they had been similarly impacted.

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