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1: Disney Forces Explicit Club Penguin Clones Offline

First off today, Joe Tidy at the BBC reports that Disney has ordered an unauthorized clone of its Club Penguin game to close after learning about the more adult nature of the content on the unofficial version.

Disney ran the original Club Penguin from 2005-2017 and it served as a child-friendly social network that leaned heavily on moderation and content filters to prevent adult content from reaching minors. However, shortly after the closure in 2017, unauthorized clones of the site began to pop up but without the aforementioned protections.

This resulted in the BBC performing an expose on Club Penguin Online, one of the largest of the unofficial clones. Shortly after that piece came out, Disney began issuing copyright notices to all of the unofficial game servers they could find. As a result, several of them began to close down, including Club Penguin Online.

2: Ubisoft Sues Apple, Google Over Alibaba’s Rainbow Six “Ripoff”

Next up today, Edvard Pettersson at Bloomberg reports that video game maker Ubisoft has filed a lawsuit against Apple and Google accusing them of knowingly selling a game entitled Area F2, which Ubisoft alleges is an infringement of their popular game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege (R6S).

According to the lawsuit, Area F2 was created by Alibaba Holdings’ Ejoy.com and is a “near carbon copy of R6S. Ubisoft claims to have notified both Apple and Google about the alleged infringement in the game but that they refused to remove the game from their respective app stores.

According to the complaint, “Virtually every aspect of Area F2 is copied from R6S from the operator selection screen to the final scoring screen, and everything in between.” None of the defendants have responded to the lawsuit.

3: Viacom Forced Internet Archive to Remove Hundreds of Hours of MTV Broadcasts

Finally today, Samantha Cole at Vice Motherboard reports that Viacom has filed a copyright takedown request with the Internet Archive to remove hours of MTV recordings that were uploaded to the site.

The videos were uploaded from the private collection of a user that goes by the name Windsinger, who recorded the footage on old VHS tapes. The collection included hours of MTV from the 1980s up to 1991 and was heavily focused on the VJs from that era. The video included commercials and music videos from the era.

The Internet Archive has removed the collection but, in a bid to ensure that it can’t be removed completely, the original uploaders have created and seeded torrent files to decentralize the hosting of them and have uploaded the files to private accounts on foreign websites.

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