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1: TikTok is Putting Steep Restrictions on How Brands Can Use Music in Their Videos to Preserve the ‘Authenticity’ of the Platform

First off today, Paige Leskin at Business Insider reports that TikTok is placing restrictions on how corporations can use music on their platform, limiting them to only a collection of music that TikTok commercial rights to.

TikTok has made a name for itself for its short viral videos, often dance videos, set to popular songs. Particularly popular have been dance challenges, where multiple accounts attempt the same routine to the same song. However, “verified businesses and organizations” may not be participating in those challenges unless the song itself is royalty-free, meaning that a commercial use license is available.

Many of those brands have objected saying that the move was made without warning and that it jeopardizes their presence on the platform. The move, however, comes after various music companies have complained that TikTok as not obtained the needed rights for the music they present, making this, most likely, a move to mitigate any possible litigation.

2: Lawsuit Alleges Unauthorized Use of Song in Apple TV+ Series ‘Amazing Stories’

Next up today, Mike Peterson at Apple Insider reports that Darrell Jackson has filed a lawsuit against Apple for allegedly using his song Side Show without permission as part of the Apple TV+ anthology show Amazing Stories.

Apple TV+ is Apple’s new streaming service that, much like its competitors, features original content produced by Apple specifically for the network. Among that content is the anthology series Amazing Stories where, in the episode entitled The Heat, the lawsuit alleges Apple prominently used I without permission.

NBC Universal Media and Amblin Entertainment are also both named as defendants in the case as well as Nakamiche Muzic Publishing, a company that has registered Side Show with ASCAP and likely licensed the song to Apple for use in the episode. The lawsuit is asking for an injunction to bar future infringement and an injunction baring Nakamiche from claiming to own the rights to the song as well as monetary damages.

3: Movie & TV Giants Obtain Court Injunction to Shut Down Nitro TV

Finally today, Andy at Torrentfreak writes that a coalition of entertainment companies have secured an injunction against the pirate IPTV provider Nitro TV as well as 20 other “Doe” defendants.

According to the lawsuit, Nitro TV is a pirate service that offers subscriptions that give users access to “live and title-curated television channels” that are available 24/7. The plaintiffs were especially interested in the 24/7 channels, which stream movies that Nitro TV does not have a license for. This resulted in the companies asking for an injunction ordering the shuttering of Nitro TV, which the court has granted following Nitro’s lack of response to the lawsuit.

The injunction did not immediately takedown Nitro TV. However, it does call upon providers such as Namecheap and Domain.com to cease providing services to the site and to transfer any domains connected with it. As a result, users of the service are asking whether it’s better to leave the service now or to wait.

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