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1: Jennifer Lopez Sued Over Instagram Photo for Copyright Infringement

First off today, Griselda Flores at Billboard reports that Jennifer Lopez and her company, Nuyorican Productions, are being sued by photographer Steve Sands over allegations that Lopez shared one of his photos on Instagram without her permission.

The image in question was posted by Lopez in June 2017 and featured her as her Shades of Blue character Harlee. According to the lawsuit, it was used to promote both Lopez her self and her brand, prompting the production company to be involved in the lawsuit.

The case is just the latest filed by attorney Richard Liebowitz, who has made an extensive history of filing similar lawsuits on behalf of photographers. In this case, Liebowitz and his client are asking for up to $150, 000 in damages.

2: BeIN Sports Asks Premier League to Block Saudi Newcastle Deal Over Piracy

Next up today, The Guardian reports that Qatar-based beIN Sports has asked the UK’s Premier League to block the planned purchase of the team Newcastle United by a Saudi Arabian consortium. According to beIN, Saudi Arabia is behind a pirate network that illegally broadcasts Premier League matches, something the government needs to be held accountable for.

The network in question is known as beoutQ. The network rose to prominence in 2017 after Saudi Arabia instituted a blockade on Qatar over a variety of diplomatic issues. However, since beIN is based in Qatar, this threatened to cut off Saudi Arabia (as well as other nations in the region) from beIN content, including their extensive sports library. As such, beoutQ was launched as a way to stream sporting events covered by beIN in the region.

The network is widely believed to be backed by the Saudi government and Premier League attempts to shutter the network have been hamstrung by a reluctance on the part of local law firms to take action. According to beIN, allowing a Saudi-based consortium to purchase Newcastle United would only deepen the piracy problem and make the situation even more difficult to deal with.

3: Linkvertise Threatens to Sue Universal Bypass over Copyright Infringement

Finally today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that the internet advertising firm Linkvertise has threatened the browser extension Universal Bypass with a copyright infringement lawsuit if the extension doesn’t stop interfering with Linkvertise’s links.

Linkvertise is a company that provides a link monetization tool that serves as both a URL shortener and as a way to earn advertising money with links. Universal Bypass is a browser extension that lets users bypass advertisements such as Linkvertise’s and access the content past it without impediment.

The extension has hundreds of thousands of users but now a lawyer representing Linkvertise has sent the developer of Universal Bypass a letter saying that the script is violating copyright law, namely the circumvention of copyright protection software. According to the letter, if Universal Bypass cooperates, Linkvertise will pay its own legal bills and be done but a failure to comply will result in legal action from them. The deadline for action, however, has already passed without any action by the developer. Linkvertise gave a new one but the developer has already begun collecting donations for an anticipated legal fight.

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