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1: Article 13: UK Will Not Implement EU Copyright Law

First off today, The BBC reports that the UK Universities and Science Minister Chris Skidmore has said that the UK will not implement the EU’s new copyright directives before the country leaves the UK.

The new directives, which received their final EU Council vote in April 2019, have been divisive. One article within it requires websites such as YouTube and to put in filters that block copyright-infringing material and another requires news sites, such as Google News, to pay a licensing fee for using snippets of articles and thumbnails from news publications.

The UK initially supported the law but will be leaving before the June 2021 deadline for implementing the new reforms. The country’s new PM, Boris Johnson, has heavily criticized the new copyright directives, saying that they are “terrible for the internet.”

2: Indonesia Faces Call for US Trade Sanctions over Online Piracy

Next up today, Enresto at Torrentfreak writes that International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA), a trade group that represents elements of the movie, record and software industries, has filed a submission with the U.S. Trade Representative asking it to take action against Indonesia.

According to the IIPA, Indonesia has not been taking enough action to stop piracy online. Though the country does offer a law that enables to blocking of pirate websites, the IIPA claims that it is inefficient and enables domain hopping.

Currently, some 1,500 sites are blocked on copyright grounds in Indonesia. The call to target it seems odd given that many nations, including the United States, don’t offer any means to block such websites.

3: Apple Killed The Apple Archive After Just 10 Days

Finally today, Stephen Warwick at iMore reports that The Apple Archive, an unofficial collection of videos and images from through Apple’s history, has been shuttered by apple after just 10 days of life.

Created by Sam Henri Gold the archive was a trove of content dedicated to various “unsung” Apple employees that worked for the company. It featured unseen content from various marketing campaigns and more.

However, the archive is no more. Following a slew of takedown notices filed by Apple, most of the archive’s content is dead. Gold announced the takedowns on Twitter by including screenshots of the emails with the line “Never mind, it’s dead. Was a hell of a week and three days guys.”

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