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1: Apple Used the DMCA to Take Down a Tweet Containing an iPhone Encryption Key

First off today, Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchieraiat Motherboard reports that security researchers are upset with Apple after the tech company sends a series of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices to remove several posts that contained an encryption key that could be used to reverse engineer parts of the iPhone.

The story began on the 7th when a security researcher that goes by the name Siguza posted an encryption key on Twitter that could be used to reverse engineer the iPhones Secure Enclave Processor, a part of the phone that stores sensitive data. Two days later, a law firm representing Apple sent a DMCA notice to Twitter demanding the removal of the Tweet.

That notice was later rescinded but, at nearly the same time, similar notices were sent to Reddit for posts there that also contained information about jailbreaking iPhones. Motherboard nor the subreddit moderators have been able to verify who sent those notices.

2: ABS-CBN files $4-million piracy suit in US

Next up today, ABS-CBN News reports that it has filed a lawsuit against Texas resident named Anthony Brown, a man they claim was selling illegal set-top boxes that provided unlicensed access to ABS-CBN content.

ABS-CBN is a Filipino media and entertainment company that is the largest of its kind in the country. In recent years, the company has been taking a stronger and stronger stance against piracy of its product, filing lawsuits all over the world in a bid to stop illegal streaming of their content.

The most recent target is 1700 Cuts Technology, a firm operated by Brown. They are seeking some $4 million in damages and an injunction barring any further sales of the set-top boxes.

3: Disney Files Lawsuit Against Online Clothing Shop for Copyright Infringement

Finally today, Jon Jankowski at WKMG News 6 reports that Disney has filed a lawsuit against Eric Wichhart, the owner of Mouseprint Media and Disgear Designs, alleging both copyright and trademark infringement.

According to Disney, Wichhart has been manufacturing and selling goods such as t-shirts and posters that feature designs similar to Disney’s trademark and copyright-protected works. Examples include a “Disgear” logo that features a mouse head similar to Mickey Mouse, and a t-shirt that says “My favorite Disney prince is my husband.”

Disney claims to have sent him repeated cease and desist letters but he did not stop production. Wichhart has said in an interview that he is in contact with Disney’s attorneys and, on his site, says that he is “currently working with Disney Enterprises… to resolve a matter.” Disney is seeking damages and a permanent injunction against Wichhart.

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