3 Ways Copyright Shaped Halloween

For boys and girls of every age, here's something REALLY strange...

It’s Halloween time again and what could be scarier than copyright?

To be fair, almost anything, but that doesn’t mean that copyright hasn’t played a critical role in shaping the stories we tell and the horrors that we fear.

After all, copyright is responsible for the zombies we know and fear, it played a hand in determining how vampires bite and it even forever changed how we view one of our most iconic monsters.

As such, we’re going to examine that relationship a bit and look at some of the ways that copyright shaped this spooky holiday, for better or worse. Along the way, we’re going to link to a few classic Plagiarism Today posts that cover the topics in more detail so you can get your fill of copyright-related thrills and chills.

1: Copyright Law Helped Create the Modern Zombie

Night of the Living Dead Poster

When you think of zombies in 2019, you most likely think of undead creatures that are slow, plodding and have an insatiable love for human flesh (or brains). However, prior to 1968, the image was much different as “voodoo zombie” was the common image and involved a person that was under some form of mind control.

What changed with George Romero and John Russo’s film the Night of the Living Dead. The movie is a seminal moment in horror history, in particular for zombie culture. However, a mistake in the film’s d