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1: Audible Stalls ‘Captions’ Feature Rollout Following Copyright Suit

First off today, Saman Javed at World Intellectual Property Review reports that Audible will not enable its new “Audible Captions” feature on many, if not most, of its new books following a lawsuit by the Association of American Publishers and the 17 book publishers it represents.

Audible, which is owned by Amazon, announced the captions feature recently. It will display the text of the book as it is being read, functioning much like closed captioning does on a TV. However, book publishers, including all of the major ones, filed a lawsuit saying that this overstepped the license that Audible has to present the audiobooks, not the text of their works.

As a result of this, Audible told the court that it would not roll out the feature for audiobooks owned or exclusively licensed by the publishers involved in the lawsuit. As a result of this, a hearing on a preliminary injunction has been pushed back from September 5 to September 25. In the meantime, Audible has continuously denied that the feature violates any rights of the publishers or that it is meant to recreate the experience of reading a book.

2: TweakBox Removes ‘Pirate’ Movie Apps Following Legal Pressure

Next up today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that TweakBox, a third-party “app store” for iOS devices, has removed several movie streaming apps following legal pressure from rightsholders.

The move comes after the company that owns the rights to the Hellboy movie filed a subpoena targeting the store. The subpoena requires Digital Ocean and Hivelocity, two companies that provide hosting for the service, to turn over any information about the account holder connected with the service.

As a result of this, TweakBox has announced the removal of several movie streaming apps including Popcorn Time, CotoMOvies and MediaBox HD. Normally such apps are not allowed in the iOS App Store and thus not available for install on iOS devices but services like Tweakbox have found ways around Apple’s restrictions and allow users to install unlicensed apps. In a tweet, Tweakbox announced the removal saying that “Some movie apps had to be removed. Sorry.” and “Not our choice by the way.”

3: Ksi and Logan Paul Won’t Stream Their Boxing Fight on Youtube Because of Piracy Worries

Finally today, Mary Hanbury at Business Insider reports that YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI are heading toward a rematch of November fight but the fight will not be streaming on YouTube and, instead, will be exclusively on the livestreaming app DAZN.

According to the two men, the move is to reduce piracy. Their previous boxing match was streamed through YouTube for $10 per viewer but most people who watched it did so through illegal streams, often on Twitch. They didn’t explain how the move to DAZN would reduce piracy or why users couldn’t simply pirate that stream. They also didn’t explain how streamers in the UK would access it as DAZN is unavailable there.

According to KSI’s manager, the move was because they didn’t want to “Risk broadcast on an unstable or unsupportive platform and have cost and piracy risk put on KSI.” The November fight ended in a majority draw after six rounds.

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