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1: Redditor Allowed to Stay Anonymous, Court Rules

First off today, Corinne Reichert at CNet reports that a Reddit commenter that shared documents from The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society has won the right to remain anonymous despite a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against them.

The lawsuit involves Reddit user Darkspilver, a Jehovah’s Witness and whistleblower that posted several internal documents from The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society online including an advertisement for donations and a chart explaining how much personal data the organization keeps. The organization sued for copyright infringement but Darkspilver expressed concern that, if they were to be identified, they could face repercussions from the church, including disfellowship.

The court has agreed and not only said that the copyright infringement lawsuit strongly favors Darkspilver but that they can remain anonymous. Their name will be shared with the organization on an “attorney’s eyes only” restriction. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which represented Darkspilver, called the ruling a victory for free speech in the United States.

2: Craig Wright Has in No Way Been Officially “Recognized” as Satoshi Nakamoto

Next up today, Jemima Kelly at the Financial Times reports that US Copyright Office has released a statement that it in no way recognizes Craig Wright as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto despite Wright registering the original Bitcoin whitepaper and source code with them.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym for the person who wrote the original Bitcoin whitepaper and source code. More recently, Wright has been making claims that he is Satoshi Nakamoto but many in the cryptocurrency community find his claims to be lacking evidence. The result of this is that Wright has threatened several reporting on it with defamation lawsuits and Wright also registered the whitepaper and source code with the U.S. Copyright Office in a bid to bolster his claims.

However, the U.S. Copyright Office has released a statement saying that it does not investigate the truth in a copyright registrations and simply issues certificates if they meet the requirements. As such, for the purpose of proving that Wright Satoshi Nakamoto, the registration is functionally meaningless.

3: PewDiePie Accuses Tati of Copyright Striking Videos About James Charles Drama

Finally today, Calum Patterson at Dexerto reports that the YouTube drama between James Charles and Tati Westbrook has taken yet another turn as several other prominent channels are reporting that Westbrook has using YouTube’s copyright system to either claim or strike videos about the story.

Westbrook and Charles got into a very public falling out after Charles took a promotion offer from a competing brand. Though the intial backlash was against Charles the tide seems to have turned.

However, according to YouTubers H3H3 and PewDiePie Westbrook has been trying to claim or strike videos about the story though PewDiePie says the strike against his channel was quickly removed.

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