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The great Lip Drip Debate...

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1: US Appeals Court Trims $50m off Oracle’s Take in Rimini Street Law Battle

First off today, Shaun Nichols at The Register reports that a split decision before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has shaved off some $50 million of the lower court’s judgement against Rimini Street but allowed a copyright infringement ruling to stand.

Rimini Street is a company that provides 3rd-party support for Oracle products. According to Oracle, the company infringed its copyright by unlawfully accessing and using Oracle software as part of its support. Oracle filed a lawsuit and won in the lower court with the court finding that Rimini Street had both violated Oracle’s copyright and, in violation of state laws, gained unauthorized access to the work.

While the appeals court upheld the copyright judgment it removed the state law claims saying that Rimini Street, in its initial access, had authorization and, under the statute, that makes the later attempts to access it legal. This means that Rimini St reet will be able to recoup about $50 million of the judgment and the company’s CEO Scott Ravin will not be held personally liable for having violated the state laws.

2:TVAddons and ZemTV Ask Court to Dismiss U.S. Piracy Lawsuit

Next up today, Ernesto at Torrentfreak writes that the people behind TVAddons and ZemTV has asked the court to dismiss a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against them claiming that the court it was filed in has no jurisdiction in the matter.

ZemTV and TVAddons are both marketplaces where users can download addons for Kodi boxes that enable access to infringing content. Both sites were sued by Dish Network for copyright infringement due to both offering plugins that enabled unauthorized access to Dish Network content.

However, the owners of both sites are seeking dismissal of the lawsuit on jurisdictional grounds as neither are located in Texas (where the lawsuit was filed) or even in the United States. According to their motion, neither of them have a strong connection with  Texas that justifies giving the court jurisdiction.

3: Lip Drip Artist Vlada Haggerty Sues Make Up For Ever for Copying Her Trademarked Work

Finally today, Carly Cardellino at Cosmopolitan reports that makeup artist and photographer Vlada Haggerty has filled a lawsuit against Make Up For Ever for alleged copyright and trademark infringement over their use of similar lip drip artwork.

According to Haggerty, her “liquid gold and rose gold [lips]” are both copyrighted and the latter is trademarked. According to her lawyer, Make Up For Ever went beyond copying make up ideas to exactly copying her copyrighted work when publishing their own lip drip art images and using it on some of their products.

The lawsuit was filed in California and Make Up For Ever currently has 21 days to respond.


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