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1: ‘Power’ Copyright Suit Unplugged; “No Significant Similarities” Says Judge

First off today, Dominic Patten at Deadline Hollywood reports that a judge has dismissed the lawsuit over the Starz drama Power saying that there is no evidence the producers of the show had access to the manuscript they are accused of having infringed.

The lawsuit was filed by Larry Johnson and editor Blake Keller, the author and editor respectively of Ghetto Kid, an unpublished manuscript. They claim to have given the script an associate of one of the producers of Power and that the show pulls heavily from their work.

However, the judge found no evidence that the producers behind Power had ever seen the manuscript, calling the alleged chain of access “speculative”. With no proof of access the judge dismissed the case, calling the copyright infringement claims “baseless”.

2: Nintendo Files Copyright Strikes Against Super Mario 64 Online

Next up today, Jason Schreier at Kotaku reports that Nintendo has ordered the removal of nearly all content related to Super Mario 64 Online, a fan-made hack of the original game to allow multiplayer, and it’s Patreon and videos related to it are offline.

Created by Kaze Emanuar the game had been getting a great deal of attention from fans during its development and especially after its release last week. However, shortly after that release Nintendo sent a flurry of copyright notices to YouTube and to Patreon getting many of the videos related to the game removed as well as the Patreon page.

Emanuar hypothesizes that the activity may relate to the upcoming release of Super Mario Odyssey. He also notes that he has not received a cease and desist for the game itself but has said he will not continue developing it until after Odyssey is released.

3: Google Signs Agreement to Tackle YouTube Piracy

Finally today, Andy at Torrenfreak writes that Google has signed a deal with he ALPA, a French anti-piracy agency, to take new steps to prevent piracy of French content and provide support for French creators in enforcing their rights on the site.

The deal, which was brokered with government oversight, will see YouTube giving French content creators access to Content ID for the first time. YouTube will also provide training and financial support to creators to enable them to better use the system and protect their work on YouTube.

It’s also reported that the deal will impact Google, YouTube’s parent company, directly as it will require the search engine to downgrade the ranking of infringing content, similar to what Google does in the UK.


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