PewDiePie and the False DMCA

The PewDiePie controversy just won't PewDieDie...

PewDiePie LogoAs we covered earlier this week, PewDiePee has found himself at the center of a major controversy.

Having used a racial slur to describe another player in the middle of a livestream, he was the subject of an immediate backlash from fans and developers alike.

However, some of that backlash took the form of a DMCA notice filed against PewDiePie from the developers of the game FireWatch.

But, as we explore in this video, the question isn’t whether Let’s Plays are fair use or not fair use, but rather, what license PewDiePie had to stream the game and whether that license could be revoked.

To answer that, we first have to dig into what happened, look at the license granted to stream FireWatch and then try to understand whether or not you can revoke such a license.

We cover all of that and much more in this video so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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