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War, what is it good for?

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1: Disney Seeks Dismissal of ‘Zootopia’ Copyright Lawsuit

First off today, Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter Esquire repost that Disney has filed a motion to dismiss in the case against the film Zootopia.

The lawsuit was filed by Esplanade Productions and claims that filmmaker Gary L. Goldman pitched an idea very similar to Zootopia previously and that Disney ran with the idea without his permission, credit or royalties.

Disney, in their motion, are ignoring the alleged meetings and sticking to substantial similarity arguments. They are claiming that the plaintiffs failed to prove that the two works were similar enough and that there are significant differences between the film that Goldman proposed and Zootopia. They are asking the court to dismiss the lawsuit on those grounds.

2: Filmmaker’s Fracas With School Highlights Copyright Concerns

Next up today, Bibek Bhandari at Sixth Tone reports that, in China, Zhu Hang has filed a lawsuit against the Sichuan University of Media and Communications over what he claims was copyright violations of a film he made while he was a student there.

Zhu, who is currently 26 years old, produced the film The Gracefully Dancing Girl during his time at the university. Since then, it has gone on to be screened at various film festivals and is slated for a wider release in China this year.

However, at a recent anniversary for the school, the school not only screened the film, but sold DVDs of it. The school has apologized for the incident and is recalling the DVDs. However, Zhu said he has not received any communication from the school, forcing him to file the lawsuit.

3: Wargaming Apologizes for Threatening YouTuber with Copyright claim

Finally today, Charlie Hall at Polygon reports that Wargaming, the developer behind the World of Tanks games, has apologized to YouTuber SirFoch over a war of words that cumulated in Wargaming threatening to file a copyright claim against SirFoch’s channel.

The dispute started over a May 18th video in which SirFoch heavily criticized a new premium tank in the game that he felt made the game unfair for non-paying players. The rant got SirFoch ejected from Wargaming’s “Community Contributor” program, which rewards community members that help other players, and got him threatened with a copyright claim.

However, the community backlash was quick for Wargaming, which apologized for its action and SirFoch also apologized for his explicative-filled initial rant. SirFoch has pulled down the video, though on his own accord and the matter seems to be resolved.


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