3 Count: Uploaded Defeated

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1: GEMA Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against Uploaded

First off today, Rhian Jones at Music Business Worldwide reports that the German music rights organization GEMA has won a legal decision in a Munich regional court against the file sharing site Uploaded.

GEMA, which represents composers, authors and publishers in the country, had sued Uploaded alleging that the site did not do enough to prevent piracy on its service. Specifically GEMA claimed that Uploaded didn’t adequately remove infringing works after notification.

The court agreed and sided with GEMA, finding Uploaded liable and ordering it to pay damages. The ruling is not yet fully legally binding but was still celebrated by GEMA as a major victory against unethical file hosting.

2: UK Police Raid Pirate Streaming Hub

Next up today, Colin Mann at Advanced Television repots that the City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has conducted a series of raids in the northwest of England and has arrested 3 men for operating a piracy streaming site and modifying set-top boxes to receive the signal.

The operation, which was held in the town of Chorley, Lancashire, also netted some 30 servers and set-top boxes. According to PIPCU, the men operated the streaming service, which provided access to pay TV channels illegally, but also sold modified set-top boxes to let customers gain access to their service.

The City of London is both a city and a country within London. It operates similarly to a country within the United Kingdom, thus why its police conduct raids in other parts of the nation. PIPCU has been especially forceful in conducting raids and arresting operators of copyright infringing services over the past few years.

3: Olympian posts photo of the armed boys he says robbed him in Rio, photo itself stolen from LA Times

Finally today, Katie Dowd at San Francisco Gate reports that Russian Olympic swimmer Evgeny Korotyshkin claims that he was robbed at the Rio games, but that he managed to snap a photo of the boys who robbed him after handing over his wallet.

However, his story is called into question by photographers, who recognize the photo as belonging to a Los Angeles Times article written in 2012. 

The photographers took to Korotyshkin’s Instagram, where he published the image and told the story, to point out falsehood.


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