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1: Orlan Must Pay Lady Gaga $22,000 After Losing Forgery Lawsuit

First off today, Brian Boucher at Artnet News reports Lady Gaga has emerged victorious in a French lawsuit over her 2011 album Born This Way and the court has ordered the plaintiff to pay her €20,000 ($22,000) to compensate her for costs.

The lawsuit was filed by the artist Orlan, who accused Lady Gaga of plagiarizing both her look and her work in making the album. Specifically, Orlan took issue with scenes in the Born This Way music video and images in the album’s artwork that she said was based on her work.

The lawsuit had sought some $31.7 million from Lady Gaga, an amount that came to 7.5% of sales of the album. Orlan has already said that she intends to appeal but the had also previously taken the case to the United States, filing a similar lawsuit in New York.

2: Photographer Files $1 Billion Suit Against Getty for Licensing Her Public Domain Images

Next up today, Carey Dunne at Hyperallergic reports that photographer and artist Carol Highsmith has filed a lawsuit against Getty Images over “gross misuse” of some 18,755 of her photographs that she alleges Getty was licensing even though she had placed them into the public domain.

According to Dunne, she received a latter from Getty Images accusing her of copyright infringement for making use of her own photograph. The letter demanded some $120 payment even though Highsmith had donated the photograph, along with thousands of others, to the Library of Congress to make them free to use.

Dunne is seeking statutory damages for each of the images Getty is accused of misusing as well as Getty’s profits from licensing the images. She also claims that the actions of Getty harms her reputation, making it seem as if she did not license the images for free use when she did.

3: ‘Dishoom’ To Be Submitted To Censor Board In Encrypted Format To Prevent Leak

Finally today, Finally today Vivek Pai at Medianama reports that the upcoming Indian film Dishoom will be sent to the nation’s censor board in an encrypted format to prevent online leaking, a move that is thought to be the first for the country. 

Filmmakers will deliver the film in Digital Cinema Package Key Delivery Message, or CDP-KDM, format. This will involve delivering the film on a hard drive for playback on a Digital Cinema server system. The format encrypts the film, which unlocked by the system in the cinema.

The move follows several other high-profile films in the nation that were leaked before their release. While it’s unclear if the filmmakers behind Dishoom feel that the censor board is responsible for the leaks, it’s clear that they are taking no chances.


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