3 Count: Non-Silence Remixed

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1: MPAA Wins $10.5 Million and Injunction in MovieTube Lawsuit

First off today, Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter Esquire reports that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has won a $10.5 million default judgment against the movie streaming site MovieTube, as well as an injunction against continued infringement.

In August, the MPAA demanded a broad injunction against the site that drew criticism for its involvement of third parties. The MPAA withdrew the motion and has since secured a default judgment against the site. It then filed for a more limited injunction plus $10.5 million in damages, both of which it has now been awarded.

However, collecting on the award could be difficult. The MPAA still is unaware of who owns the site, though it plans to use the judgment as a means to investigate and eventually track down the site’s owners as it authorized discovery from third parties, including any services that the site currently uses.

2: 37,479 Websites Struck Down for Selling Counterfeit Goods, Abusing Copyright

Next up today, Charlie Osborne at ZDNet reports that over 37,000 sites have been seized as part of a police raid that involved Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in the United States as well as law enforcement from some 27 different countries.

The operation, dubbed In Our Sites VI, targeted sites that sold counterfeit good and encouraged online piracy. The raid involved everything from downloadable films to counterfeit pharmaceutical goods.

The operation was the sixth such massive effort but this one brought in some new nations, including Chile, Japan and Hong Kong. The raid was timed to coincide with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two biggest shopping days in the United States.

3: No, SoundCloud Didn’t Remove a Silent Track for Violating Copyright

Finally today, Jessica Conduit at Engadget reports that reports yesterday that audio streaming site SoundCloud had removed a silent track for copyright infringement are false and the result of a prank by a group of artists known as DJ Detweiler.

DJ Detweiler is a collective that specializes in remixes of the popular songs. They uploaded a track to their SoundCloud account entitled John Cage – 4’33 (DJ Detweiler Remix), which seemed to be a “remix” of composer John Cage’s 4’33, which was just four and a half minutes of silence. However, SoundCloud later revealed that the track was anything but silent and actually included the Justin Bieber song What Do You Mean.

After the prank was revealed, the group taunted music journalists with a Tweet mocking journalists for copying the news from one another to circulate the story.


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