3 Count: Mega Postponed

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1: One Media Wins Copyright Infringement Case

First off today, Murray Stassen at MusicWeek reports that One Media has won judgment against HHO Licensing, Hendry Hadaway and the Henry Hadaway Organization ordering them to pay over $780,000 in damages, including nearly $10,000 in fees and costs.

The case centers around Point Classics, a music catalogue of classical music recordings owned by One Media. HHO Licensing, however, is an organization that describes itself as the world’s largest independent licensor for audio and visual material. According to the lawsuit, they had illegally used material from the Point Classics catalog some 1,466 times.

The judge sided completely with One Media, granting the summary judgment. The judge also ruled that Henry Hadaway himself be held personally responsible for the infringement, meaning his personal assets are on the line to pay the damages as well as his corporate assets.

2: Record Industry’s MegaUpload Lawsuit Postponed Again

Next up today, Chris Cook at Complete Music Update reports that the record industry has had their civil case against Megaupload and its founder Kim Dotcom postponed until at least April 2016 to allow time for the criminal proceedings in the case to unfold.

In January 2012 Megaupload was shuttered and Dotcom was arrested in his home in New Zealand. However, the criminal proceedings against the site have dragged on and his extradition hearing has just started. After the arrest and beginning of criminal proceedings, the movie studios and record labels both filed lawsuits against Dotcom and his company, however, those have been pushed back as the criminal proceedings take precedent.

As for Dotcom, his extradition hearing is expected to take at least two more weeks, after which he will find out if he is extradited to the United States to face criminal charges here.

3: Watch John Oliver Dismiss Facebook Privacy Hoax in New Video

Finally today, Daniel Kreps at Rolling Stone reports that John Oliver, host of This Week Tonight on HBO, has released a Facebook-exclusive video lampooning the recent trend of posting privacy and copyright statements to try and reclaim rights that, they allege, Facebook is trying to take away.

The post, however, is a hoax. All users of the site are bound by the Facebook terms of service, regardless of what they post on their timeline. However, Oliver lampooned the idea as crazy before (jokingly) offering up his own video as a tool that can perform the service for real underneath (fake) Social Media Profile Act of 1934.

So instead of posting the fake legal statements, Oliver is instead encouraging viewers to share the video. While it will do as much good as the original legal statements, meaning none, at least it’s funny and won’t anger your Facebook friends..


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