3 Count: Android’s Growth

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1: Twitter is Deleting Stolen Jokes on Copyright Grounds

First off today, Dante D’Orazio at The Verge reports that freelance writer Olga Lexell has filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice to have several tweets removed from Twitter that she accuses of plagiarizing her jokes.

Lexell, filed the complaint after she noticed a joke she had posted was being copied and pasted verbatim and without attribution by dozens of other accounts. Twitter, complying with the DMCA notice, withheld those tweets, which were then noticed by Twitter user @plagiarismbad.

Lewell has acknowledged that she filed notice, claiming that she makes a living off of her jokes and that most of the accounts she targeted were spam.

2: Oracle Wants to Update its Copyright Lawsuit Against Google to Include Android’s Current Market Dominance

Next up today, Reuters is reporting that Oracle is asking a district court judge for permission to amend its lawsuit against Google to include mentions of how much Google’s Android mobile operating system has grown in market share.

Oracle sued Google in 2010 alleging that Google, when implementing Java in Android, copied APIs and other elements from Oracle’s version of the language, constituting copyright and patent infringement. The lower court ruled that APIs could not be copyrighted but that was overturned on appeal and then the Supreme Court declined to hear the case, letting the appeals court ruling stand and kicking it back to the lower court.

Now, 5 years later after its initial filing, Oracle is hoping to amend its lawsuit to talk about how Android is now a dominant player in the mobile operating system marketplace, noting that the original filing doesn’t account for the rapid growth of Android in the five years since. Google declined to comment.

3: Porn Studio Asks Judge to Ban Talk About “Copyleft” Blogs at Trial

Finally today, Joe Mullin at Ars Technica reports that Malibu Media is asking a judge to bar all mentions of “copyleft” blogs such as FightCopyrightTrolls and DieTrollDie, claiming that the content of the blogs would prejudice a potential jury.

Malibu media is commonly referred to as a copyright troll. It is a porn studio that actively sues file sharers, usually seeking quick settlements in the four-figure range. However, one defendant, Indiana resident Michael Harrison, has fought his case and it is pushing toward a full trial. Ahead of that trial, Malibu Media has made the request.

The author of FightCopyrightTrolls has said she is not hurt by the request, but flattered by it. She goes on to add that, since her blog is opinion-only, it likely would not be admitted due to hearsay rules.


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