Plagiarism Today to Turn 10

Happy BirthdayAugust 2nd, 2015 will mark the 10-year anniversary of when Plagiarism Today was first pushed live. Though posts exist before that, it’s because I was writing and building up the site before it’s official launch. This site and this domain officially launched in August of 2005.

By the by, if you want to see what the site looked like back then, you can view it on the Internet Archive here. However, I take no responsibility for the eye-gouging that may follow.

But while August may seem to be an eternity away, the date is creeping up on me faster it seems and I’ve already been planning things I want to do for the anniversary including a retrospective series looking at the years and a special podcast.

However, I deeply want you, the readers, to be involved in this. You are the reason that this site exists and its your stories, suggestions and ideas that are the engine driving this site.

So I’m putting out an open call to anyone who has a story to share or has something that they want to say, whether a short blurb or a full post, to send it to me. If you have a story about when Plagiarism Today helped you or benefited you in any way, I’d love to hear about it and see if I can include it in one of the anniversary posts..

Simply email me at jonathan at and either shoot me your idea/suggestion or your story. I’d like to get all submissions in and finalized by the end of April as I intend to start doing some of the anniversary posts beginning in May.

On that note, thank you in advance for your contributions and for your support of this site. It would not have made it to 10 years without you.

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