A New Partnership to Help Stop Revenge Pornography

ccri-logoAs many of you already know, revenge/non-consensual pornography is a subject I’ve been heavily involved in for years. Not only have I written about it several times on Plagiarism Today, but I spoke about it at the most recent SXSW with Katie Sunstrom.

I’ve also done what I can to help victims of revenge porn who have sought help from me, including providing free DMCA takedown services when possible to get infringing images removed.

However, today I’m happy to announce a new initiative. I, through my company CopyByte, am teaming up with the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI) and their End Revenge Porn campaign to provide free notice and takedown services to victims.

The CCRI provides a helpline for victims on non-consensual pornography. That helpline, in turn, provides referrals to other services, most prominently attorneys at the Cyber Civil Rights Legal Project (CCRLP) that consult with victims about their options. My team and I are working with the lawyers at the CCRLP to provide free notice and takedown services to get infringing images removed.

ccrlp-logoThis greatly increases the assistance we can provide victims of non-consensual pornography. By working with the CCRI, victims also have access to people to talk with and broader legal help in addition to takedown services, making it a more broad and complete solution.

Also, while I’m providing my services for free, I do encourage those who are able to pay to instead make a donation to the CCRI to help in their efforts. In fact, it’s a great organization for anyone looking to help with the issue of revenge pornography.

On that note, I just want to say thank you to Dr. Holly Jacobs, the founder of the CCRI, for letting me work with them to help improve the lives of revenge porns victims. I’m looking forward to working with them and the CCRLP to make a difference in this area.

Finally, if you are a victim of revenge/nonconsensual pornography and need help, please contact the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative Hotline at 844-878-CCRI(2274). They are standing buy to provide support and other services, including mine.

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