Limited Posting Through Halloween

Jack O Lantern TrollYes, it’s that time of year again. My charity haunted house opened last night to a great crowd but there are three more nights to go, ending on November 1st.

Needless to say, things will be a bit quiet around here until then (not that it hasn’t already been more quiet than usual). I’ll also be taking Monday the 3rd and possibly Tuesday the 4th off to rest, recover, do some teardown and work with clients that have urgent work that needs to be done.

Also, there will be no podcast recording this week so no podcast is coming up Friday or Monday. However, I do currently plan to record a new episode next week with Evan Sheres. In the meantime, check out how he did on his first episode here. I’ll let everyone know the time as soon as it’s nailed down.

Finally, for those who are wanting some Halloween-related copyright/plagiarism articles, here’s a short list of the ones on Plagiarism Today:

  1. How a Copyright Mistake Created the Modern Zombie: How Night of the Living Dead became public domain, and accidentally created an entire genre of horror films.
  2. Dracula vs. Nosferatu: A True Copyright Horror Story: Nosferatu was nearly slain by Dracula in the courts, but he came back from the dead in an unexpected way.
  3. How Universal Re-Copyright Frankenstein’s Monster: The original Frankenstein story may be in the public domain, but the iconic look for him is not.
  4. 5 Copyright Issues for Halloween: Want a buzzkill story? Here are some copyright issues I have to keep in mind as I run our haunted house.
  5. 10 Great Public Domain Horror Movies: Want to watch some great horror movies legally and for free, here are 10 classics that are out of copyright.

Hopefully that will get you guys through the Halloween season and I will see you all in November.

Have a great, safe and scary Halloween!

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