3 Count: GOM? GOTV?

3 Count: GOM? GOTV? Image

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1: GOG.com is Getting Into the DRM-Free Movie and TV Business

First off today, Matt Peckham at Time is reporting that GOG.com, which originally stood for “Good Old Games” is moving into digital rights management (DRM) free distribution of movies and TV shows. The effort starts with some 21 films, including two that are available for free.

GOG specializes in DRM-free copies of classic computer games. By making the games DRM free, users are able to play the games without restrictions on any system. However, GOG has, in recent years, moved into modern games, including selling The Witcher 3, and other new titles.

However, the new “Movies” channel represents the first time that GOG has distributed any content outside of video games. At the time, the movies available are mostly geek and video-game related documentaries though the company has said it is in talk with other creators in hopes of expanding its library.

2: Jay Z, Kanye West And Frank Ocean Are Being Sued For Copyright Infringement

Next up today, Chris Garner at XXL reports that musician Joel McDonald has filed a lawsuit against Jay Z, Kanye West and Frank Ocean, over the song “Made in America” which is off the popular Watch the Throne album.

According to McDonald, the trio stole his idea for the song from his track with the same name. However, most observers have said that the two songs sound significantly different, raising questions about the likelihood of success for the lawsuit.

This is actually the second time Jay Z and West have been sued over the album. In 2011 they were sued over a different song, “The Joy”. That lawsuit was settled a year later.

3: Warner Bros. Sued Over ‘Gilligan’s Island’ Movie

Finally today, Eriq Gardner at The Hollywood Reporter Esquire reports that Travis Dunson has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Warner Brothers over a once-planned modern adaptation of the popular “Gilligan’s Island” TV show.

According to Dunson, in 1999 he wrote an adaptation of the show entitled “Gilligan’s Island: 7 Stranded Castaways From the Hood” that was looked at by various studios. Now that Warner is said to be working on a new movie based upon the show, he is suing saying that the proposed flick is an infringement of his work.

Dunsan said that he reached the conclusion after reading a synopsis of the movie posted on the Warner Brothers website followed by additional research. Warner has responded by saying that Dunsan not only has no rights in the property he claims to have created, but the project he’s targeting never moved forward.


That’s it for the three count today. We will be back tomorrow with three more copyright links. If you have a link that you want to suggest a link for the column or have any proposals to make it better. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I hope to hear from you.

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